When babies and Halloween costumes come together, it is cuteness galore and no one can resist filling the baby’s basket with more than one treat. In addition to getting everyone excited on the streets, your baby’s first Halloween is also a thrilling and novel experience for your baby. 

To enjoy every moment of your baby’s first Halloween and to cherish the moment, make sure you make it as stress-free as possible.

Don’t forget to take tons of pictures and choose the best costume, one that is as comfortable as it is cute. 

In the midst of it all, remember that babies are unpredictable and a single event can have you running back home.

The more prepared you are, the more likely it is that you and your baby are going to have your best first Halloween. 

babys first halloween

Allow us to share some of the smartest tips to make your baby’s first Halloween a great experience and some of the most dangerously cute costumes.

Top 5 Ideas for your Baby’s First Halloween

  1. Trick or Treat or perhaps “Trunk or Treat”

According to Raising Children, babies get overstimulated when a lot is going on and a lot is definitely going on at Halloween. To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for your baby, make sure to go trick or treating early to avoid the rush of the older kids in the neighborhood. 

You can also skip door-to-door trick or treating entirely and visit their grandparents and uncles and aunts instead. They’d be just as enthusiastic about your baby’s first Halloween and make it all the more special for the baby. Or, if you are part of a circle in the neighborhood organizing “trunk or treating,” go for it. 

Trunk or treating is a great alternative when relatives and loved ones are not close-by. Trunk or treating is limited to a space with familiar faces, allowing your baby to stumble across and getting their treats safely. 

  1. Remain Prepared 

One thing to keep in mind is that the costume has to be comfortable for the baby. Nothing too itchy or too tight. Another thing you need to make sure of is that the costume is easy to pull off and on, for those emergency diaper changes. 

It is a pure test of your creativity in how you can come up with the best costumes just using a hat and onesie. For caution, always keep spare clothes with you, like Halloween pajamas. 

  1. Let Them Participate

If your baby isn’t a year old yet, you can skip the trick or treating part and instead, show them how to give away the treats. Allow them to participate by letting them drop candies when the older kids knock on the door. Just as a precaution, check the costumes before allowing your baby to meet the visitors. Some costumes are too scary for babies. 

  1. Throw a Baby Halloween Party

There are plenty of parties going around on Halloween. Why not host one yourself with the littlest audience in mind? You can invite families, friends and neighbors and provide a chance for the parents of the babies to have fun on Halloween too. Imagine the photos with all of the cute babies in their costumes. It will be an event to remember. 

You can even have a themed party. Can you imagine babies in cowboy costumes surrounded by hay bales? How about a hospital theme with little adorable doctors and nurses around? Include a bunch of colorful props with different textures that babies often love to touch, and promote their sensory development.  Play Halloween tunes for babies and you’re good to go. 

  1. Costume Ideas

And now, on to the most exciting part of your baby’s first Halloween – the costumes! 

It is one thing to design and think of a costume for yourself, but entirely another to plan your baby’s. The excitement is tenfold and babies in costume just make an impossibly adorable combination. 

Creative Costume Ideas for Your Little One

Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  • Baby M.D.

It’s surprisingly easy to create this costume, brimming with cuteness. All you need is scrubs, fake spectacles and a tiny first aid bag. If your baby can handle it, you can perhaps even add a toy stethoscope and you’ve got a baby M.D. 

  • Lion Cub

If you are on a time constraint and have to do some last-minute costume shopping, just go for a good old lion cub romper. You can never go wrong with a baby in a predator’s skin. 

  • Little Viking

Vikings were known for their ruthlessness, so you can make your baby look all scary dressed as a little Viking. The result might be the complete opposite of scary, but who cares! Some brown pants, faux fur, a leather vest and a little Viking helmet is all you need to complete the look. For special effects, you can add some braids or an orange beard. 

  • Baby Witch

A simple DIY witch costume can make your baby stand out and make for some great photos. All you need is an all-black outfit, a black tutu and a pointy witch’s hat. 

  • The Incredibles

Why think of individual costumes when you can dress as one family unit? Pick out The Incredibles costumes for all of the family members taking part, including the baby. This costume makes for great pictures and gives you powerful Disney family vibes!  

  • Kittens

Are you parents to toddlers and babies? Perhaps there are twins and triplets in the picture? We know it isn’t easy to manage Halloween costumes with more than one baby in the picture. In this case, why not dress them as a litter of kittens with you and your partner dressed as cats? They make perfect costumes for last minute ideas. A skin-safe marker takes care of the nose and whiskers and overall, onesies will take care of the rest!

Your baby’s first Halloween is a very special occasion. You can make it a tradition to take pictures every Halloween of them growing up, framing them on the walls. Make sure it remains special with these amazing costume ideas. Remember to go with the flow and enjoy every moment. 

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