Life is all about learning but exactly how early do you need to start?

As it turns out, brain development in babies begins before birth. Studies claim that the peak infant brain activity begins from the 5th month of gestation and lasts till the age of 5-years old. This is the prime time to polish your baby’s brain when it's at its most impressionable age.

All these years gives you an amazing opportunity as parents to teach them language and etiquette. If you manage to hone their mind at this age, it will benefit them all their lives.

baby's first impressions

Many parents opt for videos and visual tools to assist their child’s learning. When it comes to visual learning for preschoolers, Baby’s First Impressions is quite popular. Let’s learn a little more about this popular learning method for babies.

What is Baby’s First Impressions?

Baby’s First Impressions are a series of DVDs by the Brainy Baby Company. This company is a pioneer when it comes to providing fun-filled lessons for preschoolers. The videos are subject-specific and produced in a way that accelerates learning in children. As a result of these videos, the preschoolers are well-prepared with a strong foundation as they enter school.

The methods and techniques used by Brainy Baby is a result of university studies.

 Studies conducted by the Future of Children Organization have described Brainy Baby as an “educational series highlighting a range of subjects including alphabet, art, music, shapes, foreign languages, and right and left-brain development. Targeted at children starting at nine months old.”

Unfortunately, very few parents are exposed to this form of media.

One parent commented that her daughter was easy to distract with Baby’s First Impressions Videos at an age as young as 4-months. What was originally meant as a little distraction became a great learning tool to the point that the daughter had to be homeschool due to her advanced learning compared to her school peers.

Carolyn Skilling, a UK Psychologist, said the following about Brainy Baby DVDs: "We have regular feedback from parents who come into the centre especially to tell us of their child's success with the [Brainy Baby]resources. Parents find the DVDs helpful in understanding how children play; what art and music activities to offer; and how to prepare their child for reading and number skills. They find the Right Brain DVD particularly valuable in encouraging creativity; Peek-a-boo, Laugh & Learn and Animals are also popular with parents. Day Care Centers [Nurseries] are enchanted with the Brainy Baby products. They are tools for learning and not detractors."


Baby’s First Impressions has been recognized on many fronts for its amazing educational techniques. Brainy Baby has received more than 75 accolades since its inception including: 

  • Given an award by USA Today
  • Child Magazine Best Video of the Year
  • Parenting Magazine Voted Number 1
  •  Parents’ Choice Silver Award and The Family Channel Seal of Quality

Method of Teaching

The Baby’s First Impressions DVDs teach preschoolers in the way that they’ll love, namely through fun. Here are some of the factors that make Brainy Baby’s videos so powerful:

  • They have adopted a format through studies that nurture the early learning skills of children.
  • The use of vibrant colors, familiar objects and black and white patterns to help children form learning connections.
  • Lively music with a soothing voice that instructs and describes the visuals to the young audience.
  • Live action videos without any animations or cartoons.
  • Follows the teach-repeat-review order to create strong lessons.
  • Perfect for ages 1 to 5.
  • All of the videos are 35-minutes long.
  • High-quality DVDs.

Top Picks

If you are a new parent and looking for some Baby First Impressions DVDs to get your child started, here’s a list of our top picks from their collection:

Let’s go into detail and understand what each video entails and how it can help your child. Once you understand all of the aspects of these DVDs, making a decision will be much easier for you.

Here we go:


Shapes [DVD]

The Baby’s First Impressions: Shapes DVD offers fun and amazing ways to help your little one familiarize themselves with shapes. The DVD focuses on 8 shapes and teaches the babies in a way that encourages and sharpens their early learning skills.

The DVD’s purpose is to help babies learn the names of different shape, how to identify them and how to associate the shape with the things around them. This live-action DVD features real children and has tons of details that ensure fast learning.

Vivid colors are used abundantly to capture the baby’s attention. Black and white patterns and familiar objects such as toys, children and animals are also integrated into the video to encourage fast learning connections.  

If you have encountered Baby’s First Impressions, you’ll know the common technique that they use. The teach, repeat and review method leaves no gaps in the children’s memory. By the end of the video, your child will have learned all of the basic shapes.

 The background music isn’t too loud or too slow. It is a lively style of music along with a gentle narrative voice explaining and guiding the babies. 


  • Lively music keeps the children engaged
  • Teaching shapes with the help of everyday things
  • Testing the babies’ learning along the way
  • Encouraging the babies to focus their attention on a few challenges


  • Some parts are too long
  • Slow pace


Baby's First Impressions: Colors DVD

The Baby’s First Impressions: Colors DVD is one of the most popular ones amongst babies and their parents. This DVD introduces 10 different colors to the babies and teaches them in a way that quickly familiarizes the babies and toddlers with all of the colors around them.

This 35-minute video is perfect for kids between the age of 1 to 5 years. Babies less than a year old have also ended up learning their colors from this DVD.

Unlike most kids’ videos, the soundtrack in this DVD is lively yet gentle on the ears. It grips the kid’s attention and encourages them to watch the video again and again. Another unique feature of this video is the fun element.

 You can see the kids in the video having fun as they play with colors. In return, the babies watching the video also end up having fun. This feature makes the babies want to watch the videos back-to-back –surely helping them to learn their colors within a week. 


  • There’s a fun element to the DVD that babies and children alike love
  • Very effective learning for autistic babies and those with Down’s Syndrome
  • Multiple examples of colors throughout the video
  • Encourages fast and fun learning


  • None


Baby's First Impressions: Letters DVD

The Baby’s First Impressions: Letters DVD is one of the best ways to get your baby to start early on their alphabet. The video is riveting, drawing the babies and toddlers in and holding their attention.

Parents have found that even babies younger than a year-old are sitting through the entire video, learning the alphabet in a fun way. Within a week of watching this DVD, several parents have noted that their kids are not only recognizing the alphabet but also making the proper sounds.

The majority of parents have found their kids to be highly responsive to the Baby’s First Impressions: Letters DVD. It encourages fast-paced learning in kids and strengthens their foundation ready for when it is time they are going to go to school. Many kids progress ahead of their peers as a result of their advanced home learning through this DVD.

 Out of all of the Baby’s First Impressions DVDs, this one is the highest rated for its effectiveness in terms of teaching kids through jumping, singing and dancing.


  • No cartoons, only real kids
  • Perfectly paced without moving too fast or too slow
  • No animation; real toys and familiar things
  • The video encourages the kids to repeat their letters
  • Review after every 6 letters


  • The slow music doesn’t capture the attention of some kids 


Baby's First Impressions: Seasons DVD

There couldn’t be a better way for your young one to learn about the magic of the seasons than through the Baby’s First Impressions: Seasons DVD. The video gives babies their first introduction to the four seasons and takes them on a trip to winter wonderlands, spring blooms, summer’s sunshine and autumn hues.

The DVD uses methods that stimulate children’s learning skills, allowing them to pick up new concepts faster. The DVD doesn’t stop at the names of seasons. It allows the children to make the association of the seasons with the holidays. They can recognize the distinctive features of each season and connect them with the right time of the year. Everything in this DVD is live action, allowing the children to jump directly into real-life recognition instead of a cartoon version of it.

 This high-quality DVD teaches and repeats until the kids are well versed in all of the seasons.


Baby's First Impressions: Numbers DVD

It’s difficult for many children to master their numbers in the right order along with recognition and counting. The Baby’s First Impressions: Numbers DVD makes this challenge an absolute walk in the park. The DVD introduces the numbers 1 - 20 to the children and goes as far as touching on the basic concepts of addition and subtraction.

Not only do children get the chance to learn all of the numbers from 1 - 20 but they also develop strong addition and subtraction concepts. This helps the children to stay on top of their math class from the very first day. This 35-minute DVD is perfect for preschool kids between the ages of 1 - 5.

 The trick to being good at mathematics is to help them start early and strong.


  • Teaches counting and expands beyond that with addition and subtraction
  • Reviews and revises every few numbers
  • Children learn to recognize numbers even when they are out of order
  • Live action; no cartoons or animations


  • Some parts are longer than necessary, leading some children to get distracted

How to Be Your Child’s Best First Teacher

As parents, you are also your children’s first teachers. Here are some things that you need to know when you get your own life-long pupil:

They are Ready to Learn

If you are worried about running after your toddler for him to learn his letters, don’t! That comes later. Between the ages of 1 to 5, babies have a sponge-like brain that will absorb new things the same way that a sponge absorbs water. All you have to do is give them the right things to absorb.

Go with The Flow

Remember, you are dealing with babies and you can’t force lessons on them when they are hungry and tired. Make their fun time their learning time as well. To do that, you have to pick some creative methods to teach with so then your child learns to love their education. 

When playing ball with your baby, use new words so then they can pick it up. When playing with toys, make counting a new game. Changing diapers? Point out body parts. Point at things and say their name, use actions and call them out. You’ll be genuinely surprised to see how quickly they learn.

Begin with Reading

Out of all of the learning skills possible, reading remains the most important. You can begin teaching your baby to read as early as 4 months old. It is believed that preschoolers who learn to read end up with a higher level of self-esteem than their classmates once they join the school.

Teaching your child to read early can also lead to an enjoyable learning experience at school since reading will come easily to them.

Help Them with Their Numbers

Don’t think that you can’t start teaching your baby maths because it is too difficult. As a matter of fact, mathematics becomes hard when it isn’t taught early enough.

Mathematics is a core subject and many students struggle with it throughout their student life. If you don’t want your child to suffer the same fate, start them as early as 4 months old. As soon as they master their counting from 1 - 20, teach them to add and subtract. Use toys and everyday familiar items to make them understand.

Don’t Skip Art

Reading and numbers are core subjects that your child will need for the rest of their lives. However, you can’t ignore art or deprive your child from experiencing it. What if you have a future artist in your home? You’ll never know until you nurture their artistic side.

Don’t mind the mess and let your child play with paints. Let them dance to music and hand them a musical instrument to learn. Older people have a much harder time learning to play an instrument than a child, just like language.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Early Can I Start Teaching My Baby?

You can start as early as 3-months old. At this point, their visual tracking system will have developed and they’ll be able to focus on videos and pictures. You can even check whether your baby is ready to read and learn by placing an object 10-inches away from their face and moving it in a different direction.

If the baby follows the object with their eyes, their visual-tracking ability has developed. So far as reading goes, you can begin reading to your child as early as when they are in the womb.

How Do I Help My Child with Speech Development?

Even if your child has a speech delay, talk to them all day, every day. This habit exposes them to the language.

If they are older and you fear for their social skills, ask questions about their day and listen to them when they speak. They might take some time to form their sentences. Wait for their reply patiently as they try to gather their thoughts and form a sentence.

Additionally, this method of teaching will also strengthen your bond with your child. If your child is hesitating to speak, take out a book or their favorite toy and talk about that. Pick a subject that your child is enthusiastic about. 

Is It Difficult for Older kids to Learn to Read?

Many new parents do not realize that they can start teaching their child to read from as early as 4-months old. When they do find out, they panic and worry because their kid is now older.

There’s nothing to worry about. There are tons of kids who start reading at the age of 3 and 4 and learn to be exceptional at it. Start as soon as you can and if they are older, use a smart and fun method to help them read easily. Use posters, magazines and signposts to encourage them to read.

The world is an exciting place for your baby and they are eager to know all about it. Let them soak in the world around them and come up with creative ways to engage them in learning. One of the best methods to allow them to learn is through the Baby’s First Impressions series of DVDs. You can play it for your baby and keep an eye on them as you take care of your chores.

 Not a minute will pass where your baby won’t be learning something new.

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