Your first birthday as a daddy deserves a special celebration. There are plenty of ways to mark this milestone and let a new Dad know how much he is loved.

But the search for gift ideas for new dads is not that easy!

A top tip is to start your birthday gifts search early. You may need to order some items from sites like Etsy and if they are hand made they can take some time to arrive.

daddys first birthday with baby

Gifts that celebrate the love between a baby and their Dad always go down well. Another option would be some items that help to make his life easier - the first year with a baby comes with a few challenges!

Check out our selection of ideas for gifts, outings, and things you can do at home at a price that suits your budget.

5 gifts for new Daddys on their birthday

Our Dad first birthday gift ideas are sure to let every new Dad know how much you love him!

#1 Matching outfits

Why not order matching baby and daddy outfits from an online shop such as Etsy? These can often be personalized with names and special dates.

Etsy gifts are often made to order and are unique and one-of-a-kind gifts.

#2 Hand and footprints

Every Dad will love a precious hand or footprint gift to celebrate his first year of being a father. They make great keepsakes and will be something that he will always treasure.

You will find loads of ideas online for how to make your own print gifts. Alternatively, you may like to use a kit that you can buy that has everything you need.

#3 Personalised street sign

A personalized street sign includes your family name, home city, and zip code. You can get them in a variety of designs and styles but most are made from aluminum. This unique dad gift is something that he will see every time he walks in the house and it will remind him of his first year as a dad.

#4 Photo frames

Once you have kids, your house soon fills up with pictures and you add to them each year. A special photo in a frame makes a great gift for a first time Dad.

It's easy to find or order frames with phrases such as 'Me and Dad', 'I love you lots', or 'My hero' etched onto them. On the special day gifts like these always stand out.

#5 Special mug gifts

A dad's first year is all about surviving when you don't get much sleep so a huge mug is needed for the coffee. You can find and order a huge range of Dad themed mugs. You can get photos and even ultrasound images printed onto them, add slogans, messages, and dates or definitions of a 'Dad'.

5 things new Dads can't live without

New fathers need a helping hand and gifts that they can actually use are always a great option. If you want to give him something useful, check out these fantastic gift ideas that will make every new daddy's life a whole lot easier. Practical gifts for new dads always go down well!

#1 Advice books and DVDs

If only a baby came with instructions. Dads love to read a manual packed with information and advice on how things work. So, why not get him a baby manual with useful information and tips on all the practical, and not-so practical aspects of looking after a baby.

You could give him a book to read or give him a DVD to watch. There is the option of a book focussing on a particular aspect of baby care or one that sets out the basics of what being a daddy entails. This is a gift that he will be able to refer to every time he needs a bit of help. Which could be quite often during baby's first year!

#2 Baby transport

A baby's favorite mode of transport is one that brings them close to their parents. Baby carriers are a wonderful way to carry your baby around with you and soothe them at the same time. New Dads use them to feel closer to their baby. A combination of the rocking movement as you walk, the warmth of your body, and the sound of your heart will soon make your baby relax and soothe them to sleep.

Baby carriers are one of the most popular dad gifts and vary greatly in price so finding one to suit your budget will be easy. There are also many styles to choose from.

#3 Coffee makers

All dads know that being a new parent involves many sleepless nights. This means that every dad will need some caffeine-based help to get them through the day.

The coffee maker will soon become their favorite kitchen gadget. You can rely on it to give you the best start to the day no matter how many times you have been woken up in the night. Just think of all the money you can save on take-out coffees. Why not order a coffee subscription as an additional gift?

#4 Baby bike seat

As soon as your baby is between six and nine months of age and can support their head and wear a helmet, they are ready for their first bike ride with daddy. You can use a variety of styles of baby bike seats that fit on the front or back of your bike. They make ideal first time dad gifts and are perfect for baby's first birthday outing with their dad. Babies like the feeling of riding on a bike and get to spend some quality time with Dad whilst he gets some fresh air and exercise.

#5 Mobile phone protective case

If your think you give your smartphone a hard time, just wait until you have kids! We all rely on the information that we save on our phones and it makes sense to look after it.

A strong protective case may be the solution he has been looking for and is one of the best gift ideas. This is an item that will be loved and put to good use!

5 ways to make a new father's day special 

You don't have to spend a fortune to make a new father's day special and one that he will remember. Birthday gifts are certainly part of it but so is how you choose to spend the day.

Making a new father's day special with a party

Remember the old days when you used to party? You may need to tone things down a bit but there's no reason why you can't have a get together when you have kids. Start as you mean to go on with your first birthday as a dad.

You can make the party fun for adults and kids by having a search for music, food, and entertainment that will suit everyone.

Making a new father's day special with an experience

Some of the best ideas to make the most of this milestone are experience day gifts. These don't clutter up the house and are an environmentally friendly option.

Some of the best experience day gifts that you can give new fathers include brewery tours, helicopter rides, and sports car driving. However, there are a lot more so it will not be hard for you to get one at a price that suits you. Some are food-based such as lunches, teas, and dinners. Others are action- based such as water sports, boating, or even sky diving.

Making a new father's day special with little touches

With a new baby in your life, it can be hard to get out and about so home based activities may be the safest option. They cost half the price of going out but still add something special to this first birthday as a Dad. So, what can you do for the man that's got everything?

  • Order a special cake. Put in an order for a cake with a photo of him and your baby.
  • Sort out his favorite pics. Have a sort through all your pics and choose the best ones of him and his baby. Create a collage and post it on social media. He can look back on this in years to come.
  • Make some home made treats. Home made cookies and candy add a personal touch the festivities. You can find plenty of inspiration on sites such as Pinterest.
  • Create a playlist. Creating a playlist of tracks from his first year as a Dad is a great idea. Combine his favorite tracks with a few that mean a lot to you as a family.

Making a new father's day special with a family get together 

Often, the best experience for a first birthday as a Dad is a quiet home celebration. The sort that requires very little planning. All you have to do is add in some close family and friends and sort out some simple food and drink.

And the price of a first family get together...? Priceless, just like the memories that he will always have to look back on.

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