Babys First Site already a leading name in the baby industry has now acquired the Everyday Maternity, which was managed under the website, to further bolster its position as the premier name in the baby and parenting industry. This acquisition took place on June 25, 2021.

The content from has been archived here on this site.

What did Everyday Maternity do?

Since 2007, Everyday Maternity was the internet’s #1 guide to maternity clothes and even had their own online store. They covered top-quality information on what to expect when your body changes during pregnancy and gave advice on clothing to assist with this transitional period.

What does Babys First Site do?

Since 2013, BabysFirstSite has been the definitive resource for people who want to prepare for their imminent new arrival. We cover various guides on anything to do with your baby's first.

We want you to expect the unexpected and just enjoy your new addition to the family.

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