Upload Photos, Video, and Audio:  Drag and drop dozens of photos for quick uploads and easily add 10 captions at a time!

 Hit Counter:  Track visits to your baby’s web site.

 Customizable Sites:  Turn on and off any feature of your site. Add custom text, images, and HTML to your front page. New and seasonal themes are released regularly.

 Graphical Growth Chart:  Our gender-specific growth charts allow you to track your baby’s progress visually.

 E-Mail Blast:  Store e-mail addresses for all of your loved ones, then easily send mass e-mail with the touch of a button.

 Interactive Milestones:  Track every important moment in your baby’s life. Safely recorded for your friends and family to share and for you to remember.

 Guest Book:  Receive personal notes from your site visitors

 Gift and Wish List:  Start with your registry, then add everything baby needs! It’s a great way to make sure grandma and grandpa stay in the loop for holidays, birthdays, and every day!

 News and Event Journaling:  Use your news page to report on important events or update loved ones on baby’s progress. Our calendar feature keeps site visitors informed about important dates.

 Optional Password Protection:  You can share your site with the whole world or only those with your site password. It’s up to you!

 Completely Ad-Free:  You’ll never see an unwanted advertisement on your baby’s web site. Your site is yours to control.

 Personalized Web Address:  You choose a web address on the baby’s first site network or purchase your own domain for a completely custom address.

 No HTML Experience Needed:  With our super-easy site creation tools, you can get started building your site in just minutes. To express your creativity and add personal flair, there’s lots of space for the advanced user to add custom HTML.

 No Long-Term Commitments:  You can cancel your subscription at any time. No hassle, no questions!

 Birthday and Pregnancy Tickers:  Add a pregnancy or birthday “ticker” to your web site to count down to your big event!

 Free Additional Sites:  Your account is capable of hosting up to four sites. You can make a site for each member of your family, including the family pet!

 Baby’s First Site E-Mail:  If you’d rather not display your own e-mail address on your site, we will provide you with a Baby’s First Site e-mail address to use at no additional charge.If you have any questions about any of our features or just want to get some additional information before signing up, check the Features FAQ or send us an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you!

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